216 the Beat Radio Station

The voice of the Voiceless & The Hearbeat of the Community

Airplay & Advertising

Airplay and Advertising

216 The Beat Radio Station offers airplay and advertising at affordable prices.



Event Hosting & Coverage

1 15 min interview
Promo: 1 post per week on Instagram and Twitter.
30 days of Regular airplay (airplay is ALWAYS free!)


1 30 min interview

Promo: 2 posts per week on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

90 days of Regular airplay (airplay is ALWAYS free!)

1 Full hour feature interview
Promo: 3 posts per week on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Top feature on website, feature on blog and 1 month feature in an affiliate magazine.
180 days of Featured Artist airplay (airplay is ALWAYS free!).
MUST include in your email submission:
Subject Line: Airplay Submission
1 track, Bio/EPK, Single Artwork
Email will be deleted if not included!!

MUST include in your email correspondence:
Subject Line: Advertising or Subject Line: Event Hosting/Coverage
For advertising please include business bio, website, and social media pages.

For event hosting please include event description and date.

Blog Feature:

Submit your video and/or promo video to be featured on our blog and/or Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Once your submission has been approved your video will be placed on our social media pages.

Subject line: Video Submission

Hit or Miss:

Submit your music to be reviewed during our LIVE listening session on Instagram and Facebook.

Submit one (1) track, along with HIGH QUALITY single artwork and Bio or EPK.

Your track will be voted into rotation by our team and live audience. If your track is voted as a HIT you will receive 30 days of rotation. If your track is voted as a MISS you will receive feedback but no airplay.

Subject line: Live Listening Session
Email WILL be deleted if directions ARE NOT followed completely!